Karate - a way of life with honour and dignity

In 1922 modern karate was founded by the Supreme Master Funakoshi (1868-1957). During his life he wrote many profound edicts including this short succinct poem that is as poignant and appropriate today as it was all those years ago:

To search for the old is to understand the new
the old, the new
This is a matter of time
In all things man must have a clear mind.
The way
who will pass it on straight and well ?

The Principals of this new and exciting Shotokan organisation were for 30 years privileged to have benefited from having been taught by their mentor, teacher and friend the late great Enoeda Sensei. He showed to us the way (meaning) of the old teaching and culture, and, although we had not appreciated this at the time of his death in 2003, he was directing us towards the new way.

Enoeda Sensei taught us that karate should be dynamic, powerful and explosive, and yet contain grace and athleticism enabling the body and mind to work in total harmony and this shall be our ethos. He was our inspiration.

We learnt respect for each other and for those we were eventually to teach.

For some Karate can satisfy and provide a calm outlet to help dispel the troubles and demands of our hectic modern daily life whilst for others it is a way of harnessing mans natural aggressive tendencies in a more acceptable and positive manner.

People, usually those who misunderstand and never take the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities that only good quality karate can provide, often dismiss Karate as vicious, destructive and nasty, but how wrong they are.

It is an extremely aesthetic art form and at its best can be demanding for those who perform at the highest level whereas for others performance of the simplest techniques can provide a great sense of achievement.

Karate can be extremely invigorating, exciting with so many endless techniques to be learned and mastered.

Karate when taught in a considerate way can therefore be for everyone and anyone regardless of age or gender providing challenges both great and small for all those who commit. It is therefore extremely satisfying at whatever level you may aspire to achieve.

Karate is a way of life to be conducted with honour and dignity. The Dojo code teaches us to:

  • Refrain from impetuous and violent behaviour.
  • Respect propriety.
  • Cultivate the spirit.
  • Be faithful and sincere.
  • Exert oneself in the perfection of character.

These are virtues easy to say but hard to achieve without sufficient dedication and commitment.

In the past and even to this day Karate has not been sufficiently considerate and understanding of the special way we now need to adapt it to teach to our children including those with special needs. We intend to use our extensive knowledge and expertise to bring a fresh new approach and make sure the needs of all our young people are properly considered encouraging them all in their pursuit of perfection at whatever level this may be.

Please don’t think Karate is just for the young and able bodied, it is not and the ‘older’ person can benefit in a great many physical and mental ways as well. It involves no weapons merely the use of our hands, bodies and mind.

The Principal Directors of SKC England Eric Pich, Peter Welsh and myself have each been involved for over 35 years and our youngest director Darren Welsh almost 25 years and yet he is still in his early 30’s.

We currently have over 80 club dojo’s and we are confident this will continue to rise.

The establishment of this organisation was taken in order that we can now move onwards with freedom and without constraints. SKC England will provide a sustainable and dependable karate organisation which constantly seeks to develop the old ways and adapt them to meet new and quite different demands of the new generation of karateka. We are a non-political non-profit making organisation established to serve the needs of our members regardless of age, gender and religion.

We are forward thinking and more enlightened in our approach towards teaching Shotokan Karate in the 21st century and we hope whether you are 5, 25, 50 or 75 years of age that you will come and try your local Shotokan Karate Centres England club (See Club List for details).

Gerry Grey
Chairman, Shotokan Karate Centres England


A message from SKCE Chairman Gerry Grey