A Successful March For Kyu Gradings

Spring, or, should I say late Winter, was the busiest March ever encountered for SKCE gradings.

During the month, 3 area gradings took place. The first at Ashmole Academy, for the North London group of Clubs, then the following week at Kingswood School, Corby, for the Wellingborough group incorporating Kettering, Corby, Peterborough and Crowland, and, finally the week before Easter at Vale Farm, Wembley for the Kilburn group.

Between the 3 groups a total of around 1000 karateka were successfully awarded their new kyu grades by the SKC England’s grading examiners.

What was most encouraging was the continued influx of new members, old and young alike, who received their first grades, and, there was a good spread amongst the remaining kyu grades up to those taking their 1st kyu which leads towards them being able to grade for their first dan black belt, but only after a lot of hard work and commitment that is required to attain ‘Shodan’ standard.

The next batch of Club gradings will occur in the Summer just before the School’s break for their Summer holidays.

Gerry Grey
Chairman – SKC England


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