Girls & Boys 4 to 7 yrs 1st Bibi Henson
(open grade) 2nd Rares Barna
  3rd Chloe Master
Girls 8 to 11 yrs 1st Alice Wright
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd Hannah Jacques
  3rd Daisy McQuaid
Boys 8 to 11 yrs 1st Isaak Yeoman
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd Elijah Dubery-Coupe
  3rd Jean-Luca Canarapen
Girls & Boys 8 to 11 yrs 1st Kaylea Wells
6th Kyu (Green) – 4th Kyu (Purple/white) 2nd Logan Williams
Girls & Boys 12 – 15 yrs 1st Ellie Lewis
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd Jodie Harris
  3rd Denis Barna
Adults mixed 1st Hannah Mercer
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd Kalan Malhotra
  3rd Humaria Chudan
Adults mixed 1st Amie Starsmore
6th Kyu (Green) – 4th Kyu (Purple/white) 2nd Lisa Pearce
  3rd Lucy Jenkins
Female Veterans 1st Carla Bambridge
(open grade) 2nd Catherine Takhtay
  3rd Bonita Prins
Male Veterans 1st James Garlick
(open grade) 2nd Anthony Kayemba
  3rd Mark Taylor



Parent & Child Team of 3 1st Team Gnennijs

Dimitrijs, Ksendija & Valentina

(open grade) 2nd Team Langsbridge

Mal, Olivia & Chloe

  3rd Team Maddams

Gary, Dylan & Jo




Parent & Child Pairs Team 1st Team Senni

Ksenija & Valentina

(open grade) 2nd Team Grace

Lisa & Grace

  3rd Team Prins

Bonita & Preston

Mixed Team up to 15 yrs & up to 9 yrs 1st Katapillars

Luke Sutton, Hannah Jacques & Isaak Yeomans

(open grade) 2nd Team Alice

Kaylea Wells, Rebecca Smith & Martha Pouffou

  3rd Shentie B

Nemo, Enzo & Jean-Luca Canarapen

Pairs Team under 18 yrs 1st Ellie Lewis & Jodie Harris
(open grade) 2nd Dylan Hughes & Dimitrijs Gnennijs
  3rd Alice Wright & Nyah Glandfield
Mixed Team of 3 - over 16 yrs 1st Shentie A

Kalan Malhotra, Humaira Chuhan & Hannah Mercer

(open grade) 2nd Team Sharon

Sharon Iddison, Martin Smith & Chris Collins

  3rd Desborough Ladies

Amie Starsmore, Lisa Pearce & Bonita Prins

Family Team

(open grade)

1st Shentie B

Nemo, Enzo & Jean-Luca Canarapen

  2nd Shentie Z

Hannah, Romeo & Missy

Mixed Adult Pairs Team 1st Team James

James Garlick & Chris Collins

(open grade) 2nd Team Sharon

Sharon Iddison & Martin Smith

  3rd Team Jane

Jane Reynolds & Zoe Leonard

Club Team of 3 – All ages

(open grade)

1st Shentie C

Hannah Mercer, Luke Sutton & Isaak Yeoman

  2nd Team Dylan

Dylan Hughes, Jodie Harris & Ellie Lewis

  3rd Shentie F

Hannah Jacques, Kalan Malhotra, Humaira Chuhan

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