Anglia Kata Competition


Boys 4 & 5 yrs 1st David Rodrigues
(open grade) 2nd Rares Barna
3rd Henry Harrison


Girls 4 & 5 yrs 1st Elizabeth Price
(open grade) 2nd Laura-Leigh Oie
3rd Eleanor Burger


Boys 6 & 7 yrs 1st Yuvraj Thoham
(open grade) 2nd Christopher Sherman
3rd Thomas Pradeep Jose


Girls 6 & 7 yrs 1st Brianna Starsmore
(open grade) 2nd Tabi tha Batchelor
3rd Ella Webb


Boys 8 – 12 yrs 1st Elijah Dubery Coupe
7th Kyu (yellow) & under 2nd Casper Henson
3rd Ollie Thomas


Girls 8 – 12 yrs 1st Cyra Webb
7th Kyu (yellow) & under 2nd Daisy McQuaid
3rd Martha Pouffou


Boys 8 – 12 yrs 1st Denis Barna
6th Kyu (Green) – 4th Kyu (Purple/white) 2nd Jean-Luca Canarapen
3rd Enzo Canarapen


Girls 8 – 12 yrs 1st Hannah Jaques
6th Kyu (Green) – 4th Kyu (Purple/white) 2nd Cara Pearson
3rd Nikol Atanasova


Boys 8 – 11 yrs 1st James Baxter
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd Ben Whiteman
3rd Nick Bosma


Girls 8 – 11 yrs 1st Jaime Harris
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd Grace Hales
3rd Nyah Glandfield


Boys 12 – 15 yrs 1st Dylan Hughes
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd George Smith
3rd Aidan Love


Girls 12 – 15 yrs 1st Ellie Lewis
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd Jodie Harris
3rd Beth Loveridge


Adults mixed 1st Steve Whiteman
7th Kyu (yellow) & under 2nd Chris Collins
3rd Ella Oliver


Adults mixed 1st James Garlick
6th Kyu (Green) – 4th Kyu (Purple/white) 2nd Lisa Pearce
3rd Sharon Iddison


Adults Female 1st Hannah Mercer
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd Bianca Webb
3rd Kellie Huntington


Adults Male 1st Dmitrija Gnennija
3rd Kyu (brown) & above 2nd Mark Taylor
3rd Martin Smith


Mixed School only Team 1st Loatlands School
(open grade) Rhys, David and Ethan
2nd Barton Primary
Daria, Joseph, Liam
3rd Sywell School
Kyle, Grace, Levi


Mixed Team 10 to 13 yrs 1st Nemo, Jean-Luca, Enzo
(open grade) 2nd Alice, Nyah, Preston
3rd Cara, Dylan, Daria


Mixed Team 14 yrs to Adult 1st Ellie, Jaime, Jodie
(open grade) 2nd Hannah, Dylan, Picyrs
3rd Zoe, Kelly, Jane


Mixed Team 9 yrs & under 1st Romeo, Hannah, Izzy
(open grade) 2nd Liam, Joseph, Lucas
3rd Anouk, Jess, Jack


Parent & Child Pairs Team (1) 1st Cyra, Bianca
(open grade) 2nd Ellie, Tina
3rd Caysi, Kellie


Parent & Child Pairs Team (2) 1st Edward, Elizabeth
(open grade) 2nd Dylan, Gary
3rd Kim, Sienna

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