Anglia Kata Competition

Why ‘Anglia’ well simply because the original club Wellingborough, now SKCE Englands oldest at 40 years, has spread its associated clubs throughout the main area counties of Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.

Around 150 competitors, mostly children took part in this kata competition aged from 5 years upwards on Saturday 7th June 2014 at the Kingswood Academy, Corby.

The Chief referees for the event were 6th Dan Peter Welsh, one of SKCE’s Technical Directors and a top international referee, and, 5th Dan Graham Mercer who is the SKC England Squad Instructor.

Assisting were senior black belt instructors from the various clubs in the Wellingborough group.

It was a friendly competition enjoyed by all those taking part and intended to provide young karateka with an opportunity to experience competition in the hope that many will go on to participate in the SKC National Championships In October later this year.

The results were as follows :-

Individual Kata Events

– Open Grade Up To 6 Years

1st James Barr
​2nd Evan Rees​
3rd James Baxter

– Open Grade Over 6 Years

1st Damian Janus​
2nd Henry Smith​
3rd Tasnim Begum

– Open Grade 7 & 8 Years

1st Jamie Harris​​
2nd Max Jeffs​
3rd Sophie Baxter

– Green Belt 9 & 10 Years

1st Olumane Blumide​
2nd Tegan Chapman
​3rd Alabi Blumide

– Green Belt 11 to 13 Years

1st Maddie Foulke​
2nd Daniel Johnson​
3rd Jonny Crabtree

– Green Belt & Below 14 Years To Adult

1st Kellie Huntington​
2nd Mark Johnson​
3rd Rebecca Law

– Purple Belt & Above 9 & 10 Years

1st Dylan Hughes​
2nd Rylan Blamire​
3rd Rory Tyrell

– Purple Belt & Above 11 To 13 Years

1st Elisha Beehoo​
2nd Francesca Zoboky
​3rd Jodie Harris

– Purple Belt & Above 14 Years To Adult

1st Kieran White
​2nd Phil Rootham​
3rd Elizabeth Coles

Team Kata Results

– Green Belt & Below Open Age

1st Ijaz, Mohammed & Matthew M
​2nd Carl, Aislinn & Ella​
3rd Kimberly, Oliwia & ​Charlotte

– Purple Belt & Above Open Age

1st Dylan, Daniel & Rylan
​2nd Jamie, Jodie & Francesca
​3rd Dmitrijs, Shay & Oscar

Parent & Child Pairs & Trio Teams

1st Nick & Elisha​​​
2nd Mick, Rylan & Logan​
3rd Julian & Nyah


  1. SKC Kettering on June 20, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    We’d like to extend our appreciation to sensei’s Peter and Graham for overseeing this event. Their experience and professional approach added so much to the day. Thanks!

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