Successful Dan grading


More than 170 students attended the SKCE Black and Brown Belt Course and grading on Sunday 13th November 2016 at Ashmole Academy, Southgate.

The course began with a special presentation to Sensei Gerry Grey.  Sensei Eric Pich explained to everyone that he was being awarded his Godan (5th Dan) grade in recognition of his long service of over 43 years for his dedication, commitment, guidance in the development and expansion of SKCE, including the KUGB and JKAE.  Without his guidance and hard work there would be no SKCE said Eric Pich.

There was a reasonable turn out of over 170 students attending participating in the training session which focused on the syllabus requirements necessary for the dan gradings under the guidance of Sensei’s Eric Pich, Peter Welsh, Graham Mercer and Sue Sinclair.  Judging by the effort and endeavour shown by the Students it once again proved to be a very worthwhile, enjoyable and enlightening session for all those who took part.

Sensei Darren Welsh was not involved in the training today due to the arrival a few days before of his new Son.  Congratulations to him and his family.

Following a short lunch break the grading commenced at 3.00pm and the dan gradings saw karateka endeavouring to demonstrate their skills in the hope these would prove sufficient to convince the 9 strong grading examiners that they were good enough to be awarded their dan grade.  This grading saw fewer taking from 1st to 4th Dan as there were only 79 but it produced 28 new Shodan, 4 Nidan and 4 Sandan grades awarded.

Karateka were delighted to receive their dan grading certificates from SKCE Chairman Gerry Grey, and, as is normal all the new Shodans (1st) were given a free black belt.

The next black belt grading is currently scheduled for Sunday 21st May 2017 at Ashmole Academy.

Those who did not make it this time were individually advised on elements they needed to work on to improve their karate ready for retaking once they reached the expected standard.

Congratulations to all the following Students who successfully achieved their grades:-



Aidan Love Daisy Dutton
George Rootham Maya Woolf
Max Jeffs Priyanka Gill
Vincent Porter Olivia Windell
Alfie Rootham Uswa Kashif
George Smith Laraib Siddique
Harry Scott-Hall
Usman Niazi
Sorena Tahan
Nicholas Pirabaharan
Bruno Bragoli
Paul Earle
Jaiden Louis
Adam Doukha


Robin Cuthbertson Malar Selvaradjou
Gaurang Pipalia Tina Lewis
Adrian Sinclair Kellie Huntington
Walter Bragoli
James Stringer



Arjun Raj Kapur Timiah Shorter
Dylan Hughes


Osmar Essilfie-Quaye



Chris Pickstone
John Deehan
Leon Gordon
Robert Kennedy


Some of the photographs taken by SKCE Official Photographer John Deehan and others are attached.