Black and Brown Belt Course

Although Sunday 5th May 2013 happened to be a Bank Holiday weekend, this did not prevent over 150 SKCE members gathering at Ashmole Academy, Southgate for the first SKCE Black and Brown Belt course of the year.

SKCE Group Photo

The initial training was spilt into groups each taken by one of SKCE Technical Directors with particular focus on the kata and kumite syllabus which many of the students would be required to perform later that day to demonstrate whether or not they had reached the required grade standard.

After an intense series of interchanging between Senseis to each of the groups, SKCE version of the ‘Rotation’ system, a well deserved lunch break was taken.

After lunch 86 students were to face their ‘Everest’, the grading. The youngest taking a grade was a 7 year old girl and the oldest a 69 year old man which goes to show that SKCE’s ethos of karate is for everyone is certainly true, and both were successful along with a total of 53 other new Shodan’s and 4 new Nidans.

Congratulations to all who took part and the successful students were:-

Jade Kitt
Sabah Malik
Megan Hinch
Lwam Yowhannes
Lucy Bradish
Mansi Harshad
Madeline Charlemagne

Elvis Birrell
Azeem Sher
Orges Tafili
Marwan Dowidar
Kishon Thayalarajah
Nithush Manoharan
Julian Walker
Tarren Manodheeran
Norbert Sitek
Hamzaseifallah Bougoffa
Adam Golam
Simrit Singh Moore
Jude Harrison
Harshul Hirani
Joseph Murphy
Christian Christofi
Oscar O’Flanaghan
Bailey Summers
Shourya Mukhopadhyay
Carlton Simth-Joseph
Thomas Clarke
Thomas Hyde
Riku Arai
Peter Paton
Dalkeith Charlemagne
Harry Plant
Callum Detain
Lloyd Walker
Josh Dean
Justin Walker
Shivantha Sivathman
Yathuushiyam Sugaljan
Kieran Kerai
Abdullah Mirza
Suvan Suntharalingam
Anthony Detain
Faidh Ghouze
Svaraaj Harbhajanka

Edimena da Luz Fernandes Da Silva
Farhana Malik

Paul McColm
Gregory Paul
Andrew Christoforou
Tom Chrysostomou
Hatem Sirry
Julien Kimbidima
Paul Dunford
Shalom Pinchas

Hazel Jenkins
Tony Dubignon
Kulwant Lall
Jonathan Hillier

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