Brown and Black Belt Course and Dan Grading – 3rd December 2023

On Sunday 3 December 2023, SKC England hosted a Black & Brown Belt Course at Willesden, North West London, followed by a Black Belt grading. The students enjoyed the training led by Chairman and Chief Instructor Sensei Eric Pich and SKCE's senior Instructors. Technical advice was given to students to aid them with their forthcoming grading, as well as those not grading.

The Senseis concentrated on grading syllabuses as well as a variety of Katas and sparring sequences with a focus on supportive feedback to help each student understand what was expected of them in order to pass.

Each person grading gave their best, some students fell below the level, some were astonishing and some are undoubtedly stars of the future.

Congratulations to all those who passed their Dan Gradings :-

Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)
Saul Cuthbertson
Oliver Zaniewski
Hanshika Mahendrarajah
Michal Zaniewski
Patrice Oliver
Ali Khosravi

Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt)
Faye Rorigues
Nancy Dowidar
Kenny Low
Adrian Sinclair

Sandan (3rd Dan Black Belt)
Ernesto Addiego-Guevara
Graeme Willoughby
Mary Faldon

Yondan (4th Dan Black Belt)
Kulwant Lall

Godan (5th Dan Black Belt)
Matthew Butlin

Rokudan (6th Dan Black Belt)
Glenn Allcoat

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