On Sunday 19 May 2024, SKC England hosted a Black & Brown Belt Course at Willesden Sports Centre, followed by a grading. All students training and grading showed great enthusiasm.

Chairman & Chief Instructor Sensei Eric Pich and Senior Instructors led the course. Advice was given to all students to improve their technique.

The Sensei-gata concentrated on grading syllabuses, drilling and honing their students and making sure each individual understood what was expected of them in order to pass.

Grading never gets easier – if you thought taking your Orange Belt was nerve-racking, then attempting a Dan Grading can be truly terrifying and requires determination and nerves of steel, not to mention years of dedicated training.

Each person grading gave their best, some students fell below the level, some were astonishing and some are undoubtedly stars of the future. Noteworthy that one particular student attempted and passed his Sandan (3rd Dan Black Belt) at the age of 74 was truly inspirational.

Commiserations to those who were not able to reach the requisite technical standard this time.

Pictures kindly taken by Robin Cuthbertson.

Congratulations to all those who passed their Dan Gradings :-

Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)
Myleen Dukpa Rai
Sara Trasatti
Lizzie Trveba
Isla Nguyen
Letitia Zadic
Angelica Sadi
Nithish Vikukaran
Khloe Erica Valencia
Yusuf El-Nagi

Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt)
David French

Sandan (3rd Dan Black Belt)
Geoffrey Tozer
Frank Linehan
Tamaki Tatsumi
Adrian Lurie
Vinicius Pereira

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