Brown & Black Belt Course and Dan Grading- 4 December 2022

The course led by Chairman and Chief Instructor, Sensei Eric Pich, was well attended.

Students displayed a good standard of karate during the course and grading.  To obtain their grade, students have to produce and show sufficient and appropriate skills for each of the disciplines, kihon, kata and kumite to the satisfaction of the panel of 9 Senior SKCE Instructors.

Needless to say with so many grading for Shodan there were some disappointments but the examiners explained to all these individuals what they need to concentrate on to help them improve and hopefully enable them to retake and achieve their grade after more training.

The ages of those who passed their 1st Dan Black Belt this time ranged from a 7 year old girl to a 57 year male.

Congratulations to all the following Students who successfully achieved their grades:-

Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)
Muhammad Rayyan
Fatima Muhammed Abujweid
Suyash Chapagai
Sahana Kuikarni-Ramkissoon
Bernart Sadriu
Eldaras Brazkinskas
Kyrsteen Alapad
Abhinav Aryal
Luxman Baskaran
Saima Malik
Mrinal Madina
Michala Rimmen
Lehana Yeo
Scott Ford
Joseph Christopher Williams
Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt)
Enzo Canarapen
Jean-Luca Canarapen
Nemo Canarapen
Paul Thomas
Yondan (4th Dan Black Belt)
Rajeethar Thillaimohan
Godan (5th Dan Black Belt)
Oluseye Jegede
Terry Tapster
Rokudan (6th Dan Black Belt)
Phil Wright
Sue Sinclair

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