Japan Karate Association – UK Championships 2014

SKCE achieve a 32 medal haul

…and receive 2 special awards !

Full report to follow, however here are the results and some of the highlights.



Individual Events

Individual Kata (Under 11 years)
Marwan Dowidar – 1st place
Emily Wettasinghe-Lopez – 2nd place

Female Individual Kata (11-14 years)
Margaux Derakhshan – 1st place
Katie Wettasinghe-Lopez – 2nd place

Female Individual Kumite (11-14 years)
Margaux Derakhshan – 2nd place

Male Individual Kata (11-14 years)
Joshua Han – 1st place
Oliver Hood – 2nd place

Male Individual Kumite (11-14 years)
Oliver Hood – 1st place
Joshua Han – 3rd place

Female Individual Kumite (15-17 years)
Arisa Bunsan – 1st place

Male Individual Kata (18+ years)
Sam Hackman – 1st place
Anas Jarboua -3rd place
Euan Pich – 4th place

Female Individual Kumite (18+ years)
Lamia Hamidovic – 4th place

Male Individual Kumite (18+ years)
Leon Gordon – 1st place
Anas Jarboua – 3rd place
Nicholas Jones – 4th place

Team Events

Team Kumite (Under 11 years)
Marwan Dowidar & Ryan Valenzuela-Porta – 1st place
George Reed & Emily Wettasinghe-Lopez – 2nd place
Jaime Harris & Jodie Harris – 3rd place

Team Kata (Up to 14 years)
Margaux Derakhshan, Joshua Han & Oliver Hood – 1st place

Cadet Team Kata
Arisa Bunsan, Rhiannon Hackman & Hannah Mercer – 2nd place

Adult Male Team Kata
Luke Bradish, Sam Hackman & Euan Pich – 1st place

Adult 3 Man Team Kumite
Anas Jarboua, Leon Gordon & Nicholas Jones – 1st place

Special Awards
Best Junior of the Competition – Oliver Hood
Best Team of the Competition – Leon Gordon, Anas Jarboua & Nicholas Jones


Pictures from the individual Kata competition.


Team Kata


Individual Kumite


Team Kumite


David -vs- Goliath


And of course, the awards.


  1. Graham Mercer on April 2, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    The SKC England competition success story continues with our participation in the JKA/UKTKF National Championships in Leeds with the Legends Championships 2 weeks prior being used as a warm up.

    We travelled up to Leeds with a very strong team of both junior and senior competitors flanked by our senior instructors as referees and Sensei Gerry managing the squad.

    The juniors started without disappointment by winning lots of events and in some cases taking gold, silver and bronze in a single category!

    The Seniors stepped up to the plate by continuing where the juniors left off, by showing great results in their categories with gold, diver and bronze being won in kata and kumite, individual and teams.

    Well done to Oliver Hood for winning best junior of the competition and the men’s kumite team stamped as best team of the competition.

    Great results, we are all very proud!

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