SKC England sent some of their students to the Japan Shotokan Karate England open championships on Saturday 22 June 2024.

There was a fabulous team spirit, with our competitors supporting each other. They all performed their very best and gaining lots of experience for future competitions. SKCE is very proud of every single one of them.

Many thanks also go the people who represented SKCE & volunteered at the competition: Senseis Eric Pich and Oluseye Jegede as Referees; and Senseis Andrew Christoforou and Janita Tan as Coaches.


Boys kihon ippon kumite (13-15 yrs) green/purple/purple-white (6th-4th kyu)
1st Rocky Burns, SKC England

Girls individual kata 10-12 yrs AND 36. Girls individual kata 13-15 yrs
1st Faye Rodrigues D’Silva, SKC England

Girls individual jiyuu kumite 13-15 yrs
2nd Faye Rodrigues D’Silva, SKC England

Female individual jiyuu kumite 16-18 yrs
2nd Belle Bautista, SKC England

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