KWF National Competition


Individual Events
Boys & Girls Individual Kata 10-12yrs  

Ellie Lewis – 1st

Ariah Branch -3rd


Junior Boys Individual Kata 13-15yrs  

Joshua Han – 1st


Junior Boys Individual Kumite 13-15yrs  

Joshua Han – 2nd


Girls Individual Kumite 10-12yrs  

Safa Naja – 1st

Jaime Harris – 3rd


Boys Individual Kumite 10-12yrs  

Freddie Pinkney – 2nd


Junior Girls Individual Kumite 13-15yrs  

Brianne Pinkney – 1st

Jodie Harris– 2nd

Rawan Naja- 3rd


Junior Girls Individual Kata 13-15yrs  

Jodie Harris – 1st

Rawan Naja – 2nd

Brianne Pinkney – 3rd


Male Cadets Individual Kumite 16-17yrs  

Oliver Hood – 1st


Senior Female Individual Kata 18+  

Alexandra Merisoiu – 3rd


Senior Female Individual Kumite 18+  

Alexandra Merisoiu – 1st


Senior Male Individual Kata 18+  

Leon Gordon – 1st


Senior Male Individual Kumite 18+ yrs  

Leon Gordon – 1st




Team Events

Team Kumite Safa Naja, Jaime Harris & Ariah Branch – 1st

Ellie Lewis, Sophia Malta & Nancy Dowidar – 2nd


Junior Girls Team Kumite 13-15yrs  

Brianne Pinkney, Jodie Harris & Katie Wettasinghe-Lopez – 1st


Junior Boys Team Kumite 13-15yrs  

Dmitrijs Gnennijs, Paul Earle & Aron Davis – 2nd


Team Kata (two people : 9-16yrs)  

Joshua Han and Dylan Hughes – 1st

Oliver Hood and Dmitrijs Gnennijs – 2nd

Safa Naja and Rawan Naja – 3rd



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