The event started on time at midday when Sensei Gerry and his team of senior officials of SKCE began registration and collection of licences for those who were eager to grade.  In all in excess of 100 registered for the training courses taken, split in 2 groups of kyu grades and Dan grades, under the watchful eye of Chief Instructor Sensei Eric Pich and his team of Senior SKCE Instructors, they put the attendees through the grading syllabus emphasising particular kihon techniques, kumite and kata.

The training courses ran from 12.30pm to 2.30pm followed by a short lunch break when at 3.00pm examinees lined up to take their various Dan grades.

Prior to the grading the Chairman announced additional high grades that Chief Instructor Sensei Eric and himself had considered had attained the level of Yondan and these were invited to join the dan grading panel.  They were :

Terry Tapster                        Oluseye Jegede                                    Janita Tan                              Euan Pich             

Nehal Shah                            Leon Gordon                                         Curtis Wilmot

After a very exhaustive examination a total of 20 successfully achieved Shodan (1st dan) and 2 Nidan (2nd dan) under 12 of the most senior examiners in the SKCE.

It was a highly successful course and grading in all respects and Chief Instructor Sensei Eric Pich was pleased with the effort, commitment and standard shown by those who took part.  Commiserations to those who were not able to reach the requisite technical standard this time.

Congratulations to the following Students who successfully achieved their Dan grades at the above course.



Sebastien Cullinane Lukrecija Brazinskaite
Jean-Luca Canarapen Maheria Abid Rashid
Stanley Lewis Rihanna Sriskantharajah
Nemo Canarapen Faye Rodrigues D’Silva
Malachi Miles-Dell Megan Lohani
Max Bentley  
Romeo Burkin  
Enzo Canarapen  
Matthew Lurie  


Andre Williams Farhia Rashid
Kyroe Carrington-McKenzie Allison Kot
Loke Fong Han  
Mark Smith  





Samuel Tracey
Elvisjake Birrell




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