Since its formation SKCE have produced 2 Black and Brown belt courses each year all with dan gradings.

Standards have always been high and typically each grading provides about 50 or so new dan grades.

Last Sundays course was well attended with about 180 or so karateka taking part and probably as many parents.  As usual the grading was preceded by a training course arranged in 3 groups according to grade with the SKCE Senior Instructors rotating so that each can observe the quality and standard of those who would be taking their respective grades later in the afternoon.

Students displayed a good standard of karate and consequently when the grading took place later in day 62 new grades were achieved.  To obtain their grade students have to produce and show sufficient and appropriate skills for each of the disciplines, kihon, kata and kumite to the satisfaction of the panel of 9 Senior SKCE Instructors.

Particularly impressive were the mainly young students who achieved Nidan (2nd dan) level.

In addition two of SKCE Instructors were awarded their Rokudan 6th Dan gradings Sensei’s Graham Mercer and Darren Welsh.

Needless to say with so many grading for Shodan there were some disappointments but the examiners explained to all these individuals what they need to concentrate on to help them improve and hopefully enable them to retake and achieve their grade after more training for at least 6 months more.  It is not just a question of the length of time spent training as some people believe, and, each person has to achieve the required standard before a grade is awarded by the examiners.

The ages of those who passed this time ranged from a 7 year old girl to a 66 year old man which is very satisfactory as it indicates that SKCE philosophy to teach all ages and genders is proving correct and beneficial judging by the high achievements at international and world level competitions.  Several of SKCE students have become world champions over the past few years.

The next black and brown belt course with grading has been set for Sunday 20th May 2018.

Congratulations to all the following Students who successfully achieved their grades:-



Christian Ganev Sophie Khaddaj
Preston Prins Safa Naja
Ismael Rashid Leanne Kotob
Ajand Sasikumar Catherine Ogurok
Sartaj Sandhill Ria Dimperio
Alex Barratt Tara Rashid
Mehrzad Raad Randa Hisham Dowidar
Yusuf Ismarai Rhiannon Till
Adam Balmer Tijana Karan
Zakim Kaingu Fedi Dujeanaye Louisy Julienne
Dante Griffiths Hibbert Meher Sandhill
Aaron Manning-Osborne Rawan Naja
Yusef Harb Latasha Jackson
Omar Hamza Zainab Dowoud
Alexandru Stoichici
Nasan Somasundararajah
Jamie Rashid
Daniel Ferreira
Rakes Yogarajah
Haadi Aamit Yusef
Tahmid Ahmed Choudhury
James Baxter
Thijanishan Thanarajah
Enoch Hitchioch


Jordan Kemp Catherine Takhtay
Peter John Dunn Mia Grainger
Spencer Tracey Lucy Aldous
Blas Yaselli Liezelle Pagala
Christopher Brook
Andre’ Malta
Kelvin Forrester



Mikhail Hashim Jaime Harris
Jodie Harris
Imaan Mirza
Thara Dean
Ellen Lewis
Brianne Pinkney
Zainab Bogle-Dawoud
Beth Hannah Loveridge


Steven Pinkney



Nehal Mahendra Shah



Graham Mercer
Darren Welsh  

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