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Brown and Black Belt Course and Dan Grading- 3 December 2023

By Editor | Dec 4, 2023

On Sunday 3 December 2023, SKC England hosted a Black & Brown Belt Course at Willesden, North West London, followed by a Black Belt grading. The students enjoyed the training led by Chairman and Chief Instructor Sensei Eric Pich and SKCE’s senior Instructors. Technical advice was given to students to aid them with their forthcoming…

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SKCE National Championships 2023 – Sunday 19th November

By Editor | Nov 23, 2023

The 2023 SKC England National Championships took place at Willesden sports centre on 19th November.  This was our first championships since the Covid lockdown.  Since most of our students will have not had recent experience of competition (if any at all), the day started with a short course. Students were split by grade and were…

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SKCE Judges & Referees Course

By Editor | Sep 20, 2023

This year’s Judges & Referees course took place on Sunday 17th September at Willesden Sports Centre. The course was led by our chief instructor, Sensei Eric Pich, and supported by Sensei Oluseye Jegede. Thank you to Sensei Oluseye, who has accepted the job of chief referee at the 2023 SKCE National Championships. The course was…

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Update on Senior Dan Grade

By Editor | Aug 16, 2023

Congratulations to Alexandra Merisoiu being promoted to Godan (5th Dan Black Belt)

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SKCE Instructors Course

By Editor | Jun 14, 2023

Sunday 11 June 2023, saw our first SKCE Instructors Course of 2023 led by Chief Instructor, Sensei Eric Pich at Willesden Sports Centre. We had 40 participants, including current Instructors, those aspiring to become Instructors for the future as well as several younger attendees who are being mentored as future Instructors, some of whom are…

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SKDUN Legends – Guildford 25th March 2023

By Editor | Apr 28, 2023

SKCE took a small team of competitors to the 22nd Legends Open championships, a very friendly and well run competition which has moved from Bracknell to its new location in Guildford this year. The team was accompanied by Janita Tan & Andrew Christoforou as coaches. Many of the SKCE team were experiencing competition for the…

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By Editor | Apr 24, 2023

The first National Course of the year was held on 23 April 2023. The course was well attended. Chief Instructor and Chairman, Sensei Eric led the course alongside with his team of Senior SKCE Instructors. After a very exhaustive examination, a total of 14 successfully achieved Shodan (1st Dan), 3 Nidan (2nd Dan) and 2…

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Brown & Black Belt Course and Dan Grading- 4 December 2022

By Editor | Dec 4, 2022

The course led by Chairman and Chief Instructor, Sensei Eric Pich, was well attended. Students displayed a good standard of karate during the course and grading.  To obtain their grade, students have to produce and show sufficient and appropriate skills for each of the disciplines, kihon, kata and kumite to the satisfaction of the panel…

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New SKCE Club at Twickenham

By Editor | Oct 4, 2022
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