Referees And Judges Course At Gurnell Sports Centre


In anticipation of our upcoming National Championships, Sensei Eric shared his expertise and vast experience in officiating to ensure everyone is on the ball.

The course was well attended with 20 participants and 4 apologies.

Those in attendance:
J. Tan
K. Lall
S. Hood
P. Hubbard
N. Shah
E. Pich
P. Davis
G. Willoughby
S. Tracy
A. Malta
T. Tapster
M. Faldon
M. Willoughby
A. Lurie
R. Hackman
S. Sinclair
T. Wilmott
O. Jegede
N. Behoo
C. Pickstone

Apologies for absence:
C. Tetsola
J. McGearty
R. Thillaimohan
M. Butlin

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