Sensei Mick (Mike) Grey 5th Dan JKA 15.09.1946 – 13.04.1991

Some months ago my nephew Matthew Grey asked if I could help him build a memorial website to his late father and my younger brother Mick (Mike) Grey 5th dan without whom I would never have started this wonderful journey of my lifetime – karate.

As a youngster Mike was constantly handicapped by severe bronchial asthma which was so debilitating that he would hardly be able to run up the stairs without collapsing, but he had a great heart and was so determined that one day he would eventually be able to lead a ‘normal’ life. We used to train together at night in those days running to help build his lung capacity and stamina.

Eventually he progressed sufficiently and thankfully discovered what in those days was an obscure sport when to my surprise he took up karate. Initially he trained in Wadoryu but his life was to change dramatically when he discovered the style Shotokan which brought him into contact and influence of Sensei Enoeda, JKA and KUGB.

The rest is history as they say.

I have added a link to the SKCE website so you can see just how lucky I was to have been introduced to Shotokan Karate by Mike as so many other were until his untimely death from cancer in 1991 aged just 44.

It is important for us all to always acknowledge and remember our heritage especially from someone who displayed excellent karate techniques and positive attributes so I hope you will get some enjoyment as I did recalling the many excellent moments Mike and I spent together in the dojo starting nearly 50 years ago.

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