SKC England Instructors First Aid Course

“Informative, entertaining, humorous and exciting” are hardly the comments you would normally associate with a first aid course but that is precisely what those attending said on their evaluation forms.

Saturday 14 April 2012, saw twenty four of SKCE’s senior instructors taking part in this Sports orientated first aid course given by React First Ltd, a specialist in producing such courses.

Held at the Ashmole Academy, Southgate the participants were by invitation only to the course completely funded by SKCE.

Course instructors Wayne and Sean took us through the extensive requirements and methods involved and then applied all this in a straightforward practical way. Everyone worked in pairs, continually changing partners, and, if you got it wrong you had to start again from the beginning until you got it right. Everyone’s actions were scrutinised and evaluated continually by the course instructors.

Wayne had an exceedingly firm but good humoured approach that he applied with great skill and knowledge which certainly helped put everyone at ease whilst Sean’s exemplary detailed approach demonstrated the serious nature and consequences of life saving and emphasised the need for the calm response required to be effective.

The course was to last from 9am to 5pm and throughout Wayne and Sean constantly monitored and appraised everyone’s capability in demonstrating what they had been taught .

The main lunch time break came quite quickly due to the intensity of the course, and, what a surprise that was because Isabel Welsh, had produced a fabulous hot meal for everyone to enjoy.

After lunch yet more challenges and methods had to be learned followed by final appraisals of each participant ending with an examination which I am glad to say everyone managed to pass.

The course had been really a great success and thoroughly worthwhile, I am glad that SKCE decided just how important it was to put this on. And SKCE paid for it all which was much appreciated by everyone. It also gave instructors the chance to get together and a great deal of bonding took place especially when using each other to practice life saving skills!

Just a few of the comments received from fellow participants:-

‘The course was entertaining as well as informative – I am ashamed to say I was prepared to be a little bored, but I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The participation and role playing proved to be a great way of imparting a lot of information in a short space of time.
I am proud to be part of an association who believes in the importance of training and developing their instructors and whose generosity allowed so many of us to benefit from this worthwhile course. Thank you Committee.
Finally, I think we need to appoint Mrs Welsh as head Chef with SKCE – great nosh Izzy, thanks’.
– Sue Sinclair

‘A very good course, excellent First Aid Instructors, good time management throughout the course, we all learned vital life saving skills. I feel that the course was also a great team building exercise for us SKCE Karate Instructors and is another example of us doing the right thing. I am proud to be part of our organisation. We were all on the same level for the day, and we also have some great people helping out behind the scenes like Isabel Welsh laying on a great meal for us all on the day. Thanks’.
– Chris Pickstone

‘Firstly, I don’t believe any organisation has organised a free First Aid course for their instructors and provided not only teas and coffee but a hot lunch. Clearly not only do we care for the welfare and safety of our students but we make use of the membership monies correctly.
I have had to re-qualify a number of times in First Aid over the year in the Metropolitan Police but, today’s course was by far the best. The Instructors were very professional and provided sound practical advice’.
– Peter Welsh

‘I’d like to say, the course was very well organised, and the instructors were very approachable and had a great sense of humour to help remember the topics covered’.
– Nehal Shah

‘The information was delivered with great flare. The main instructor Wayne was amusing and informative. His assistant Sean was professional and precise in his approach.
Good course – thanks guys’.
– Eric Pich

‘The course was conducted in a manner which held my attention the whole day’.
– Glenn Allcoat

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