SKCE Black & Brown Belt Course & Dan Grading

Sunday, the 27th of June saw the very welcome return of our black and brown belt courses, followed up by a Dan grading for those hopeful Karateka looking to make the next step in their karate journey.

The course served as a nice (and timely!) reminder of the standard expected by Sensei Eric, not just for those grading but for everyone looking to improve.  It took a ‘ground upwards’ approach where the senior instructors demonstrated the importance of correct execution and economy of movement throughout Kihon, Kata and Kumite.  Building up to ensure that students understood the transition from one technique to another… 

The grading results spoke volumes and huge congratulations to the following new grades…



Zahir Bora

Marcus James

Ashwin Ganesh

Mustafa Harb

Andrea Belle

Jiya Deol

Arjun Deol

Asha Nia

Sophie Wiltshire

Hassan Kian Dastyar

Luis van der Velden

Preeti Thayaldrajah

Tom Smith

Mohit Jain

Srikrishna Samathagini

Paul Wiltshire

Julian Bentley

Anna Danuta


Adrian Lurie

Spencer Tracey

Tamaki Tatsumi

Max Willoughby

Blas Alejandro

Robin Cuthbertson


Lauren Holden

Matthew Butlin

Nick Beehoo

Alan Pope

Robert Kennedy

Chris Pickstone

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