SKCE Brown and Black belt Course

On the morning of Sunday 6th May, SKC England hosted a Black & Brown Belt Course at Ashmole, North London, followed by a grading. The students arrived in their droves and were eager to line up and impress their Instructors. 150 strong bowed in, many of whom would be grading after the training, so everyone was enthusiastic to give of their best and take on board the instruction and advice.

Three groups were separated and taught in turn by Senseis Eric Pich, Peter Welsh, Mark Tetsola, Graham Mercer and William Windell. It is noteworthy that the differing styles and experience combined with the vast collective knowledge of the instructors gives the students a broader and more complete understanding of karate.

The Senseis concentrated on grading syllabuses, drilling and honing their students and making sure each individual understood what was expected of them in order to pass.

Grading never gets easier – if you thought taking your Orange Belt was nerve-racking, then attempting a Dan Grading can be truly terrifying and requires determination and nerves of steel, not to mention years of dedicated training.

Each person grading gave of their best, some students fell below the level, some were astonishing and some are undoubtedly stars of the future. The bravest and most memorable for me was young Jacky Kent. At 64 years of age it takes a lot of hard slog and fighting spirit to attempt and to pass a Shodan Grading. The Beatles were right Jacky – “When I’m 64………

Congratulations to all those who passed their Dan Gradings :-

SHO-DAN (36)
Ciara Griffin
Ryan Francis Howard
Simon Andrew Morris
Dwayne Counsell
Joshua Shen Juan Han
Thomas Bradberry
Dillon Osborne
Ruhani Whyte
Aramis Lyons
William Bradberry
Teddy McGarvey
Nirujan Rajeswaran
Joseph Jaffe
Sooriyakumar Uthayakumaran
Dev Patel
Saikumar Uthayakumaran
Makis Papageorgiou
Vincent Kane
Aashil Majithia
Youssra Elmagboul
Ahilya Tilakumara
Lamia Hamidovic
Maryam Dar
Michael Fallon
Aaron Fitzpatrick
Zainab Talat Shaikh
Habon Abdi
Elena Efstathiou
Molly Rawl
Imaan Mirza
Jacky Kent
Soha Layos
Igor Lech Zeler
Heather May
Karl Arnold
Mustafa Kulle

NI-DAN (9)
Abiram Sathyakumar
Keisha Juggan-Tull
Lachlan Winder
Hannah Mercer
Antoinette Ijegbai
Joshua Harry Domb
Rajeethar Thillaimohan
Michael Efstathiou
Nick Binder

Nehal Mahendra Shah

Terry Tapster

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