SKCE Brown & Black Belt Course & Dan Grading

Sunday, 15 May 2022 saw our first black and brown belt course and grading of the year.  

It was a highly successful course and grading in all respects and Chief Instructor Sensei Eric Pich was pleased with the effort, commitment and standard shown by those who took part. 
Commiserations to those who were not able to reach the requisite technical standard this time.

Congratulations to the following Students who successfully achieved their Dan grades at the above course.

(1st Dan Black Belt);

Allistar Kot

Mia Bentley

Inaaya Khan

Raheel Khan

Jileanne Shanel Salas

Rya Tamara Vydelingum

Crystal Brook

Abdullah Ahmed

William Addison

Camille Nymon McKnight

Nihir Ashwin Shah

Abedullah Ahmed

Jassas Al-Mobeydeen

Abubakar Ahmed

Manuel Glont

June Low

David French 


Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt):

Chantelle Bega

Malar Selvaradjou

Christopher Brook

Allison Kot

Li Sen Tan


Sandan (3rd Dan Black Belt):

Lamia Hamidovic 

Matthew Collins


Yondan (4th Dan Black Belt):

 Barry Cox

Samuel Steven Hackman

Robin Singh

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