SKCE Instructors Course

Sunday 20 June 2022, saw our first SKCE Instructors Course of 2022 led by Chief Instructor, Sensei Eric Pich at Willesden Sports Centre.

Participants were current SKCE Instructors, those aspiring to become Instructors for the future as well as several younger attendees who are being mentored as future Instructors, some of whom are already assisting and showing great promise.
Guest Instructor Sensei Sanna, 6th Dan JKA was also in attendance.

Sensei Eric covered the principles of carrying out Risk Assessments, Health and Safety assessments, our Child Protection policy, Mentoring, Terminology, Kata Counts, updates to the new Syllabus and advice on ensuring Karate remains inclusive to all.

The course was well received and all were provided with an Instructors pack.

We look forward to the Referees and Judges Course on 18 September 2022.



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