SKCE Kata Championships – Sunday 7th July 2013

Despite all the counter attractions on the day that Andy Murray successfully won at Wimbledon, extremely good weather, and a major religious festival, the Hillingdon Leisure Centre, Uxbridge was again host to yet another SKC England event. Karateka gathered to take part in SKCE’s unique style of kata course and championship and the introduction of the ‘Family Team’ kata which we believe to be the first of its type anywhere.

Kata_4 The event commenced at 10.00am in the morning with a kata training course specifically targeted at the competition etiquette and performance necessary to produce good competitive performances. The various competition kata relative to grade was practiced by all in readiness for the championship which was to follow. During the 1½ hours that the course took everyone tried to put the advice and instruction they had been given into practice. Around 120 or so competitors of all ages, and grades formed into 3 groups according to their grade and were helped, guided and encouraged by three groups of senior SKCE instructors. It provided a good opportunity for karateka to refresh their techniques under senior grade guidance and was most advantageous judging by their subsequent performances during the competition that followed.

Kata_6 The competition provided 11 individual categories catering for all the various grades and ages. Individual events were first and these were then followed by over 30 teams competing for the 4 team categories which were by grade not age or gender. This produced a variety of mixed teams with particularly good and extremely keen competition and this gave everyone the opportunity to enter in more than one team event if they wished.

The experiment of the Family Team kata, comprising father or mother and their 2 children proved very popular and provided the opportunity for families to compete together for the first time. It was very well accepted and it will definitely be continued with in the future.

Kata_2 In the Dan grade competition teams of children did exceptionally well against more senior competitors. The team event is always a great deal of fun as SKCE allow teams to make up their own titles rather than be entered as this or that Club. The spontaneity of this always produces unusual imaginative and amusing names and this year we had ‘Hackmanite’, ‘Kill Bill 3’, ‘Explosion’ and even ‘Clueless’. Everyone joined in with the fun but with great determination to win.

Although it was all very light-hearted when it came to naming your team, all the events were fiercely fought out.

The competition and standard of performance generally was a credit to all those contestants taking part, and as usual a great many new friendships were formed which helps to form a good foundation for the SKCE.

Another successful event put on by SKCE and everyone was delighted to have taken part and left the Hillingdon Centre brandishing their trophies and, looking forward to the next event – the SKCE Kumite Championships later in the year on 1st December also at Hillingdon.

See you all then.

The results were:-

GIRLS – up to 3rd kyu
1st Margaux Derakhshan
2nd Zuana Nascimento
3rd Nisha Saroye

BOYS – up to 6th kyu
1st Rushil Nair
2nd Archie Midgley
3rd Dursan Ainkaran

BOYS – 5th to 3rd kyu
1st Dylan Hughes
2nd Uwan Lam
3rd Ton Bunsan

GIRLS – 3rd to 1st kyu
1st Emily Wettasinghe-Lopez
2nd Caitlin Percy
3rd Jena Grant

BOYS – 3rd to 1st kyu
1st Max Willoughby
2nd Nathan Nembhard
3rd Samuel Willoughby

GIRLS – Dan Grades
1st Arisa Bunsan
2nd Michaela Tranfield
3rd Jade Kitt

BOYS – Dan Grades
1st Joshua Han
2nd Oliver Hood
3rd Lachlan Winder

FEMALE – up to 1st kyu
1st Fumi Ts uboi
2nd Nichola Cove
3rd Kanlaya Prickett

MALE – up to 1st kyu
1st Matt Reed
2nd Vasos Chrysostomov
3rd Martin Donolile

FEMALE – Dan Grades
1st Rhiannon Hackman
2nd Adelyn Yap
3rd Hannah Mercer

MALE – Dan Grades
1st Sam Hackman
2nd Duy Nguyen
3rd Nicholas Jones

MIXED TEAM KATA – up to 4th kyu
1st Bains
2nd Equipe

MIXED TEAM KATA – 3rd to 1st kyu
1st Explosion
2nd CDU
3rd Mix and Match

1st The Three Amigos
2nd Clueless
3rd Shodan

1st Hackmanite
2nd Shodan
3rd Typhoon Kids

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