SKCE National Championships 2023 – Sunday 19th November

The 2023 SKC England National Championships took place at Willesden sports centre on 19th November.  This was our first championships since the Covid lockdown.  Since most of our students will have not had recent experience of competition (if any at all), the day started with a short course.

Students were split by grade and were taken through how a karate competition works by the tournament referees.  Students had the opportunity to practice the correct etiquette of walking on and off the completion area and go through their katas and sparring.  Particular attention was of course paid to what the judges would be looking for when making their decisions.

The day was a huge success with participants gaining valuable competition experience in a friendly and fun environment.  There are always a long list of people to thank for events like these to be able to take place: the event organisers for their planning; the judges, referees and table officials for their diligent work; the administration helpers who pulled all the entries together in record time; the medical team who thankfully got to enjoy the championships rather than having their skills in high demand; the competitors who put everything into their performances and made their Senseis very proud.


Medal Results:

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