SKDUN Legends – Guildford 25th March 2023

SKCE took a small team of competitors to the 22nd Legends Open championships, a very friendly and well run competition which has moved from Bracknell to its new location in Guildford this year. The team was accompanied by Janita Tan & Andrew Christoforou as coaches.
Many of the SKCE team were experiencing competition for the first time. However, they certainly didn’t allow the occasion to get to them showing great spirit and all putting in excellent performances. SKCE is incredibly proud of every single one of you.
Listing out just a few of the highlights: Leticia Venturini’s ferocious kiai; Rebecca Hobbs taking 2nd place Cadet Kata as only a 3rd kyu against Shodans; Connie Mansfield winning the under11s Kata; Kyroe Carrington-McKenzie winning Senior Male Kata; the Canarapen boys huge success in the team events and especially Jean-Luca walking away with trophies in all four events he entered. Full SKCE results are listed below.
Of course events like these cannot be held without the time and effort of all the volunteers from the organisers and all the different clubs and associations who enter. Well done SKUDN for another excellent championships and thank you to the SKCE representatives who worked tirelessly all day, Oluseye Jegede (Referee) and Tsena & Jean-Michel Canarapen (Table officals).

Well done all competitors. We look forward to all your future successes.


Childrens Ippon Kumite 4th & 5th Kyu
4th Leticia Venturini


Childrens Kata Brown Belt
1st Connie Mansfield
3rd Angelica Sadi

Children’s Jiyu Ippon Kumite Brown Belt
3rd Angelica Sadi
4th Connie Mansfield


Junior Girls Kumite Black & Brown Belt -160cm
4th Lois Ward


Junior Kata Nidan and above
1st Jean-Luca Canarapen


Junior Boys Kumite Brown & Black Belt <165cm
3rd Jean-Luca Canarapen


Cadet Kata Brown & Black Belt Shodan
2nd Rebecca Hobbs


Senior Male Kata Brown & Black Belt
1st Kyroe Carrington-McKenzie

Male Team Kata
1st SKCE

Enzo, Nemo & Jean-Luca Canarapen


Junior Boys Team Kumite
2nd SKCE
Enzo, Nemo & Jean-Luca Canarapen

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