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SKCE 2018 Squad

During two sessions in December, SKCE selected its 2018 Squad.  The Squad consists of three groups, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Squad.


Follow their progress here with dedicated news and squad training dates.

Senior Squad

Luke Bradish
Sophie Buhler
Aron Davis
Joshua Han
Oliver Hood
Du Jeanaye Louisy Julienne
Alexandra Merisoiu
Dawid Roj
Warren Tetsola
Curtis Wilmot

Intermediate Squad

Nadeen Abdelwahid
Elvisjake Birrell
Ariah Branch
Nancy Dowidar
Abdur-Rahman Hamza
Jaime Harris
Jodie Harris
Sam Hubbard
Catherine Ogurok
Erin O'Sullivan
Timiah Shorter
Hana Szczeklik
Emily Wettasinghe Lopez
Haadi Yusef

Junior Squad

Judy Abdelwahid
Adam Balmer
Denis Barna
Olivia Barr
Max Bentley
Ria Dimperio
Randa Dowidar
Sophia Jain
Sophia Malta
Jaskiran Sandhu
Krizzh Sriskantharajah
Samuel Tracey

Meet Some Of The Squad



If you like putting a face to a name, here are some of the SKC England 2018 squad members.





Leon Gordon

SKCE Squad Coach


Curtis Wilmot

SKCE Team Captain


Alexandra Merisoiu

SKCE Team Member


Dawid Roj

SKCE Team Member


Jamie Harris

SKCE Team Member


Jodie Harris

SKCE Team Member


Joshua Han

SKCE Team Member


Luke Bradish

SKCE Team Member


Oliver Hood

SKCE Team Member


Warren Tetsola

SKCE Team Member

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Squad Coach:

Leon Gordon
Position: SKCE Squad Coach
Current Grade: 3rd Dan

Leon Gordon started training in martial arts at 10 years old. He began with judo. However, within a few months of starting judo, he decided he wanted to be able to train in something which involved punching and kicking…

So, Leon started training with Sensei Eric Pich at the age of 10 alongside other notably successful competitors such as Mohammed Salih and Roisin Campbell, at the Vale Farm dojo in Wembley.
Leon eventually gave up judo (he began playing semi-pro football!) but he had by then won a place on the England Squad and was ranked 2nd in the UK.


Over the years, Leon won many, many karate competitions including,

1st KUGB Nationals 12-16yrs Kumite
1st KUGB Children’s Nationals 12-16yrs
1st KUGB Shotokan Cup 12-16yrs
1st KUGB Grand Slam 4 Nations 12-16yrs
1st KUGB Southern Regions 12-16yrs
3rd KUGB Enoeda Cup 16+yrs
1st JKAE Nationals 2007 in both Kata and Kumite
1st JKAE Nationals 2009 Kata, Kumite, Team Kumite (2nd Team Kata)

Leon was awarded the Ambassador’s Cup by an Official from the Japanese Embassy in 2009/2010

In 2013 he became SKDUN World Kumite Champion

Leon now wants to pass on his knowledge to the next generation and as Squad Coach for SKCE, is committed to helping to develop future champions.

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