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Anglia Kata Competition

Why ‘Anglia’ well simply because the original club Wellingborough, now SKCE Englands oldest at 40 years, has spread its associated clubs throughout the main area counties of Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. Around 150 competitors, mostly children took part in this kata competition aged from 5 years upwards on Saturday 7th June 2014 at the Kingswood…

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A Successful March For Kyu Gradings

Spring, or, should I say late Winter, was the busiest March ever encountered for SKCE gradings. During the month, 3 area gradings took place. The first at Ashmole Academy, for the North London group of Clubs, then the following week at Kingswood School, Corby, for the Wellingborough group incorporating Kettering, Corby, Peterborough and Crowland, and,…

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