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Black And Brown Course, Plus Dan Grading

Sunday the 11th May saw our first black and brown belt and combined dan grading of the year. 70 SKCE Karateka put themselves forward to grade but over 180 others took part in the pre-grading course and benefited from the excellent tuition given by our senior instructors. Congratulations to those who were successful… here are…

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Wellingborough SKC Celebrate 40 Years

Monday January 4th 1974 was a milestone year when my late brother Mick Grey established the Wellingborough Club, then known as Queensway SKC and part of the KUGB. There were 90 odd people who turned up for that 1st session then later in the week we opened another Club in Kettering where another 80 people…

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13th Legends Open Bracknell March 2013

Early in the morning of Saturday 9th March over 30 SKCE members from London and Wellingborough areas descended on Bracknell Leisure Centre for the 13th Legends Open.  We were accompanied by squad coach Sensei Graham and Senseis Peter & Mark who came to referee. As always the day started with the kata events and we…

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