WMO European Championships : 5 June 2016

Team Events:

Junior Team Kata
1st place – Ellen, Jaime and Jodie
2nd place – Dmitrijs, Dylan and Vincent

Mixed Junior & Adult Team Kata
1st place – Joshua, Hannah and Alexandra
2nd place – Luke, Ollie and Katie

Adult Team Kata
1st place – Anas, Leon and Curtis


Individual events:

Girls 12 years and Under
1st place – Ellen Lewis
2nd place – Emily Wettasinghe-Lopez
3rd place – Nancy Dowidar

Boys 12 years and Under
1st place – Marwan Dowidar
2nd place – Dylan Hughes

Boys 13 – 17 Years
2nd place – Joshua Han
3rd place – Oliver Hood

Girls 13 – 1 7 Years
1st place – Katie Wettasinghe-Lopez
2nd place – Jodie Harris
3rd place – Beth Loveridge

Female Adult
1st place – Hannah Mercer
2nd place – Alexandra Merisoiu

Male Adult
1st place – Anas Jarboua
2nd place – Leon Gordon
3rd place – Luke Bradish


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