WMO National Championships


A very small group of SKCE 2016 Squad members competed at the WMO (President, Alfie Lewis) National Championships 2016 on Sunday, 21 February in Rugby. The event was the first Nationals for this organisation, with the intention of bringing all types of martial arts competing under one roof. All SKCE Squad members who placed at the WMO Nationals were invited to compete at the WMO World Championships later this year but the date for this conflicts with another World Championships.

Team Kata
Arisa Bunsan, Joshua Han & Hannah Mercer 1st
Danny O’Driscoll, Oliver Hood &. Isaac Goldward 3rd


Senior Male Ind Kata
Warren Tetsola 1st
Luke Bradish 2nd
Curtis Wilmot 3rd

Senior Female Ind Kata
Alexandra Merisoiu 1st
Hannah Mercer 2nd
Arisa Bunsan 3rd

Junior Male Ind Kata
Joshua Han 1st
Oliver Hood 2nd

Weighted Senior Male Ind Kumite
Curtis Wilmot 2nd
Luke Bradish 2nd
Warren Tetsola 3rd

For the Individual Senior Men’s (Weighted) Kumite, we were told on the day that there were not enough Kumite competitors and so fighters from the Points and Continuous Fighting categories were added so that the event could run.

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